Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fisher woman

I went to my village to see my mother and observe Eid-ul-fitr. I went to Barisal by Launch. From Barisal launch terminal we came to Taltoli ghat by rickshaw and got in a boat to go to my village. (Crossing a small river by boat we can easily get rickshaw to go to my village but we always prefer boat journey). On the way I saw a fisher woman family and surprised to see their life in boat.

I bought fish from them talked to them. This boat is their house. They do all the household works in this boat. I was very much surprised to see that five people live in this boat and face storm, rain and tidal bore etc. Anjali, her husband ( Shipon), two children ( Nitu, Setu) and mother-in-law (Shefali) are living in this boat. Anjali’s husband Shipon told me that he got this boat from his father. His father is dead. He was also a fisherman. His mother is also a fisher woman.
I wanted to know how they are living in boat facing rain, storm, cyclone etc. They told me that they are habituated in living in this way. Fishing is their inherited profession and they love it. They catch fish in the river or canal and sell in the market. Sometimes they sell fish to the villager going door to door.

Anjali told me that they have been facing problem to live in this small boat. If they can save money they will buy or build a big boat and this is their only dream.

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