Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My mother

My mother
Last winter I went to Barisal along with my children and wife to see my mother and also to observe Eid-ul.Azha. My mother was very much happy to see us that time. Seeing us she got some strength to walk a bit. My mother is now Eighty five years old. Due to old age she can not walk well without help of others or stick. She lost her parents and four of her brothers long long ago. She also has lost her husband and two sons that made her weaker.

Mother with my two sisters
In our village everybody loves her for her hospitality. My mother lives in village along with her youngest daughter and grand daughter. But my sister has to cook five to six peoples food everyday. Neighboring people ( specially women come to see her, chat with her and helps my sister a bit in her household works but nobody can not go without having food from our house. I saw her keeping without food many times but she told us that she had no appetite but checking the rice dish I saw empty. Actually she gave food to some of her poor neighboring children that was for her. Even now no one can go from our house without having food.
Her heart is great that is hardly seen. I do not know how to explain about her big heart. She is so affectionate to all.
My mother is living in village where my father and two elder brothers were buried. We tried to take her Dhaka but she does not want to leave that place. She says in this respect that she can see her two son’s everyday but if she is taken to Dhaka how she would see them.
As she is living far away from Dhaka and very expensive to go over there; I can not go to see my mother whenever I want. I usually go to village once or twice a year specially in Eid vacation. But I try to talk to her almost every day over cell phone. Whenever I talk to her my heart fill with joy and happiness. I love my mother very much.


Anonymous said...

That is the thing about mothers; they give and give, and often forget to take care of themselves.

Your mother sounds like a wonderful lady, and I'm happy you have a strong relationship with her.

rafiq said...

Thanks a lot for your comments
Yes, you are absolutely right. They always think of giving, not getting. Only mothers know about their feeling towards their children. I am a father and I know my feelings to my children . Now I can understand their what did my parents do for me in my childhood.
I love my mother very much and she loves me too. I am proud of my mother

Anonymous said...

Your pride shows in your post; she's a very lucky lady to have such a strong bond with her son.

rafiq said...

I do not know whether she is lucky. But I must say that we are lucky to have her as our mother.
She did (sacrificed) a lot for us but I think we could not do for her what we should have done.